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  • At Acupuncture Miami, we have a Board Certified Acupuncture physicians that are will and ready to cater to your every need. Need help quitting smoking? No problem. Need help losing weight? No problem. Need help with eliminating anxiety? You guessed it - we can help you! We are one of the top Acupuncture clinic in Miami, Florida for a good reason.

    When you come into our offices, you'll get a personalized treatment based on your specific needs. We aren't like the other office here in Miami; when you come in and visit us we make sure you feel at home and are taken care of fully. Our promise to you is that you'll walk into our offices knowing your here to solve a problem but when you walk out our doors after a treatment, you'll know you've found the soluation. 

    Lets us server you today. Your first (or next!) acupuncture treatment is just one phone call away. Pick up your phone and call us today at (305) 306-9933